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A Green Earth for Our Kids

More and more parents are inclining to choose baby products with high quality or reliable brands, which meet the strict testing requirement of baby products market and gives parents more confident in terms of product safety.


In recent years, natural disasters caused by environmental issues have occurred frequently, such as global warming, intensified desertification, lack of water resources and so on. How do we make sure our babies grow up in a sustainable environment? Whether we leave our kids a ruined or green earth – Is something we have to consider & act right now.


Good news is that we are seeing an increasing number of baby brands taking action to maintain environmental sustainability. Mattel has announced that all its products and packaging will be made from sustainable materials by 2030. Hasbro has announced it will stop using plastic packaging. Lego starts making its building blocks from plant-based materials made from sugar cane. Hape developed a baby toy made of rice. ZURU launches balloon recovery program. The whole industry is acting together to make sure that green environmental protection and sustainable development is the only way of the future.


As a conscientious leading company of the fastener industry for baby products, Duraflex has always taken the lead on sustainability development.


Back in 2010, we were the first in implementing the BlueSign Input Stream Management & was the first in the fastener industry to get certified. We also launched our own Restricted Substance List (RSL) in June 2013. Since then, it has been updated constantly & published to Version 7.0 in June 2019.


In the production level, we have also been taking new technologies to help save energy, water and other resources to reduce carbon emission and protect our environment. A full-fledged Eco friendly products line has also been established in Duraflex. We can offer a wide range of products made of sustainable choices, such as recycled material, renewable sourced material, nature contents material… etc.


Protect our kids, Protect our planet, we still have a long way to go, will you join us?


Industry Leader @ DF Kids