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How’s the sustainability related to the military? The keyword is [protection] – The aim of military is protecting our country and nation, while sustainability is protecting our environment and future. The two goals not only does not contradict each other, but is ultimately the same. 


The military is usually a nation’s largest consumer of fossil fuels, if reducing its fossil fuel use and replace it with renewable energy, that’s really a great support on protecting the environment as less pollution will affect our planet. 


In the Army, government may consider to switch to “green” energy in the facilities/equipment that would be the first step on the environment protection. By switching to “green” materials to use in the clothes/gears given to the soldiers, it can be helpful to reduce wastes as well during the life cycle of these equipments. 


In the world of Duraflex, sustainability is always THE major subject which is to continuously innovating in the trims products development to help protecting the environment. Rather than using traditional materials, there are several of green materials that are available for selection, such as recycled type (wasted fabrics from recycled factories) or nature content type (plant fiber from food chain waste) …etc. 


Use less of fossil fuels can help on reducing the carbon emission to the planet, that make lives better for every national and can be passed on to the next generation.


Industry Leader @ DF Tactical