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To understand the opportunities in athleisure/activewear for 2021 and beyond, let’s first look at a few statistics. As a result of Covid19, consumer spending has radically changed in the last few months. According to PWC, 43% of global consumers expect businesses to be accountable for their environmental impact.


This trend is all about materials. Considering the growing consumer awareness around sustainability, choosing ethical materials is a must for fashion brands, not only fabrics, but also trims. Designers have plenty of choices, as there are many different recycled/ eco product options available. If it is possible to provide a valid certificate for these recycled/ eco product is an important criterion for fashion brands selection.


Since joined Duraflex, there are four new sustainable materials I have developed especially for athleisure market. The Durrozo collection, 100% nature content and launched in September 2019 for Première Vision Paris. The other three sustainable materials will be launched soon and they are designed for button category mainly. Among these sustainable materials, there is one specific material that can also provide GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.


Regarding GRS, “traceability” is the key. Therefore, all recycled/ eco ingredient should be managed. Where are they come from? Where did they go? The TC (Transaction Certificate) concept of GRS is an effective tool to manage as it will manage all selling records for these recycled/ eco ingredient.


But some sustainable materials cannot provide GRS certificate. As mentioned, they are developed for button category. Unsaturated polyester resin is the most common material for button, called polyester button. But it is different from the normal polyester material. Unsaturated polyester resin is a thermoset plastic and cannot be recycled.


However, those recycled/ eco ingredient is from industrial waste and without any re-sell value. While re-using waste material to minimize the needs for new raw material is a green concept as well, but fulfilling TC requirement will remain a challenge. We do not want to add unnecessary extra process or cost for customers and the end consumers. 


Not only me, the entire Duraflex team dedicates ourselves to provide our eco materials in a sustainable and affordable fashion. We will keep working to find out a suitable way to solve this certification issue. 


Besides, special thanks to “drew house” here, thank you for your understanding and willing to use our sustainable items, even without certificate. Your gratitude and commitment gives Duraflex more space for the development in sustainability.


Industry Leader @ DF Athleisure