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How people habit change?

How people habit change under Covid-19?


Due to Covid-19 outbreak, it changes of our living behavior, including social distancing policy in public transport, restaurant, shut down of the public sports center/ facilities as well as the whole city locked down.


Since people are encouraged to stay home, the consumption pattern mainly shifted to online platform, it brings a huge demand on logistic for goods delivery thanks to the rise of online food ordering service and online shopping. Bike, e-bike, e-cargo bike & light electric freight vehicles (LEFVs) would be the more flexible and efficient choices for the industries.


People started using more on bike to stay away from the crowd public vehicles.

To accommodate an influx of riders, many cities have redesigned the streets to create relative quantity of bike paths. Bike become a good alternative transport tools for essential workers and commuters. It makes a boom on the needs of bike in both logistic and personal leisure category.


Biking not just helping to keep our health, but also reducing air pollution as well as reducing carbon footprint. It brings up a topic – sustainability.

Sustainability is one of an important topic Duraflex care. We are the first trims supplier in implementing BlueSign Input Stream Management and the first trims supplier to be certified.


We are very proud to introduce our sustainable materials to the market:


  • emission gas-based TPU(c-TPU)


  • recycled PET(r-PET)
  • Nylon(r-PA)

Nature content

  • plant-based nylon (pl-PA)
  • plant-based TPU (pl-TPU)


No matter how you wanted to tell your sustainable story, Duraflex is ready for you.

Are you ready?